House Sclaveryen

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House Prolikrav
Wealth is in the Blood

House Prolikrav was founded during the Blackfyre Rebellion. The were raised to nobility because of the wealth gained in their mines. They built their hall beside the coast.

House Stats:
Defense: 11
Influence: 25
Land: 18
Law: 11
Population: 8
Power: 18
Wealth: 40

House Kypress
Patient to our Roots

House Kypress is a ancient house founded in the age of heroes in the Reach. Their founder was a great warrior named Kypress who married for love. Kypress’s son married a daughter from House Gardener. They soon built their stronghold of Shadyhall. After the Blackfyre rebellion a member of their house married a Westerlander house to bring peace back to the area. They lost some lands fighting on the Targaryen side of Robert’s Rebellion.

The current Lord Kypress’ mother was of House Reyne, who was destroyed by Twyin Lannister. During the rebellion they burned down House Sclaveryen’s castle.

Their Banner Houses include: House Core, and House Skyfeather

Current Members: Lord Kypress, his wife, his son Ser Drake, his daughter, his second son Brandon, his ward Ser Zach Skyfeather, his retainer Seth, and Maester Rodulfous.

House Stats
Defense: 28
Influence: 43
Land: 33
Law: 18
Population: 26
Power: 42
Wealth: 28

Current Troops:

Current Holdings: Fortified Hall with Blacksmith and Maester.
Plains on a river coast with a small hamlet named Deeproot.
Plains with a road and ruin on it. Ruin is referred to as “Ruin on the Road”.

House Sclaveryen
Above All Others, We Rise

House Sclaveryen is a house that traces its roots to Valyria, though its true founding was during Aegon’s Conquest. They were Valyrian slavers that were exiled with the Targaryens. Aegon raised their house to nobility after helping bring the Westerlands under his ruling. During the conquest of Dorne one of their Ancestors fought beside King Daeron, winning glory for House Sclaveryen. Later during the battle of Redgrass a member of House Sclaveryen killed a Blackfyre bastard. During Robert’s Rebellion they chose to fight with Baratheon forces over the Mad King’s army because of this they are seen as traitors to Targaryen loyalists.

During the war House Kypress’ troops burned down the old castle of House Sclaveryen. During this battle Lord Vaerys Sclaveryen died.

Their Banner Houses include : House Prolikrav, House Burnwater, House Trestin

Current members: Lord Vaeren, his mother, his sister Lady Viera, his uncle Old Salt, his ward Isaiah Trestin, and Maester Darion.

House Stats
Defense: 26
Influence: 49
Land: 28
Law: 19
Population: 14
Power: 42
Wealth: 43

Current Troops: Personal Guard, Archers
Currtent Holdings: Fortified Hall with a port, blacksmith, mine, and maester.
Mountian on a coaster with a river running from it.
Plains with a ruin of old burned Castle and a road.
Plains with a stream.


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