House Sclaveryen

House Kypress

Patient to our Roots

House Kypress is a ancient house founded in the age of heroes in the Reach. Their founder was a great warrior named Kypress who married for love. Kypress’s son married a daughter from House Gardener. They soon built their stronghold of Shadyhall. After the Blackfyre rebellion a member of their house married a Westerlander house to bring peace back to the area. They lost some lands fighting on the Targaryen side of Robert’s Rebellion.

The current Lord Kypress’ mother was of House Reyne, who was destroyed by Twyin Lannister. During the rebellion they burned down House Sclaveryen’s castle.

Their Banner Houses include: House Core, and House Skyfeather

Current Members: Lord Kypress, his wife, his son Ser Drake, his daughter, his second son Brandon, his ward Ser Zach Skyfeather, his retainer Seth, and Maester Rodulfous.

House Stats
Defense: 28
Influence: 43
Land: 33
Law: 18
Population: 26
Power: 42
Wealth: 28

Current Troops:

Current Holdings: Fortified Hall with Blacksmith and Maester.
Plains on a river coast with a small hamlet named Deeproot.
Plains with a road and ruin on it. Ruin is referred to as “Ruin on the Road”.



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