Morgan Freeman

The Ivory Talon of Ravenholm


Morgan Freeman was born to meager means. His last name carried no weight in the smallfolk village he grew up in near Avisport. Spending most of his early life as a shepherd and pig herder in the mountains, Morgan learned to appreciate above all things silence.

He was taken as a squire by his father Gordon Freeman at a young age and trained to join the Order of Falconers. While Gordon Freeman was disappointed in his son’s early efforts, Ser Faramere, Captain of the Falconers, assessed the boy as “a mousy runt, not meant to fly among falcons. He must break out of his egg before he can soar.”

Passing ordinarily through life with no great achievements and without a word. Despite his exceptional martial skills, Morgan was passed over during the final qualifications to join the Falconers. The elder knights explained that his lack of personality was a detriment to his abilities. Before Ser Faramere dismissed him though, Morgan spoke, “Falconers? What does that even mean. It’s just a made up word. So go ahead and stamp that form and keep wasting my time. Because frankly, I don’t give a shit.”

Morgan Freeman’s voice at that moment, was many things: the promise of a future, hope for the weak, salvation for the starving, thirsty and dying, a baby’s laughter, kittens in a basket, polar bears with skates. Faramere and the gathered knights were moved. It was the most Morgan had ever said. Many say that it was at that moment that Ser Faramere, known as the Talon of Avisport, began to show his age for the first time, and Morgan Freeman gained an extraordinary appearance of a man far more experienced that his age.

Ever since, Morgan’s voice has silenced everything around him, transfixing his surroundings in a state of attentive wonder. Rarely using it though, Morgan eventually faded into obscurity as his brother knights excelled in the eyes of Lord Sclaveryen and the Falconers.

But at the Avisport Tournament,chosen as stand-in guardian for Lady Viera, Morgan performed above all expectations and won a huge purse of gold for his father. His exceptional battle with the inhuman Burnt Knight, caught the eye of Lord Vaeren and in the aftermath of the joust, Sclaveryen raised the Freeman house to bannermen.

Now the knights of Sclaveryen refer to Morgan Freeman as the Talon of Ravenholm, a shining exemplar of justice, chivalry and magnificent martial ability.

Morgan Freeman

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