Lord Gordon Freeman

Retired Sclaveryen Falconer


Ser Gordon Freeman thought he was down on his luck. A few days away from retirement, and no feasible means to feed his smallfolk family after he was dropped from the Falconers meant Gordon was in dire straits.

But Ser Gordon was in luck for during the hunt for the wanted hedge knight known simply as The Jackal, Isaiah Trestan borrowed Gordon’s horse and rewarded him with 20 gold dragons, the full sum of The Jackal’s bounty.

Ser Gordon Freeman has retired to a small homestead with plenty of pigs and has sent his sons to begin their training to join the Order of the Falconers. As the saying goes “Feed a man a fish, and he’ll continue a terribly vicious cycle that concludes in old age and poverty with the exception of deus ex machina.”

During the jousting at the Avisport Tournament, Gordon Freeman’s eldest son Morgan Freeman was chosen as a shield for Lady Viera Sclaveryen. Gordon, in what some speculated was either a moment of madness or revelation from a higher power, bet all of the money he had received from Isaiah Trestin on his son.

Morgan Freeman exceeded all expectations, going so far as to remain an undefeated guardian long into the sixth round of the jousts. He was eventually defeated by the Burnt Knight, a servant of R’hllor brought forth by Khorro the Red. Even though Morgan Freeman did not achieve the top three finalists, his father won a massive sum and for his exemplary chivalry and swordsmanship, Lord Sclaveryen raised the house of Freeman to bannerman.

Gordon Freeman is now the head of house of the newest banner house of Sclaveryen, House Freeman.

Lord Gordon Freeman

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