House Prolikrav

House Prolikrav was founded during the Blackfyre Rebellion. The were raised to nobility because of the wealth gained in their mines. They built their hall beside the coast.

Current Memebers: Lord Nickoli Prolikrav,Lady Nisa Prolikrav, His heir Nikio Prolikrav,Alexis Prolikrav, Alexi Prolikrav,Euri Prolikrav, Eliea Prolikrav.

Current Troops: Trained Scouts, Trained Archers

Fortified Hall, with coastal hamlet.

House Sigil: Red Blood drop on a yellow background with a red chevron at the bottom.

House Words: “Wealth is in the Blood”

House Stats:
Defense: 11
Influence: 25
Land: 18
Law: 11
Population: 8
Power: 18
Wealth: 40

House Prolikrav

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