House Sclaveryen

Above all others, we rise

House Sclaveryen traces its roots to old Valyria. The founding members of the house were Valyrian slavers, renowned for their cruelty and methodology. When Valyria outlawed slavery, the Sclaveryens, instead of finding a new occupation, emigrated with Aegon the Conqueror to Westeros. Taking up arms with the first Targaryen, the Sclaveryens made a name for themselves conquering the Westerlands. Aegon as a reward raised the slavers to nobility.

During the conquest of Dorne, the Sclaveryen lord fought beside King Daeron and won continued glory for the house. During the Blackfyre Rebellion the Sclaveryens continued to support the Targaryens, true rulers of Westeros, and in the battle of Redgrass the ruling Sclaveryen slew Quentyn Ball with a longbow. Blessed with glory and prosperity, the Sclaveryens grew rich and seemed to be favored by Targaryen, though they were passed for Wardenship of the West in favor of the Lannisters.

During Baratheon’s Rebellion, Lord Vaerys Targaryen, advised by his bastard brother [[:Ol Salt]], sided with Baratheon and fought against Targaryen. Tired of the Mad King’s rule, the Sclaveryens were key in repelling the Greyjoys from the Westerlands coast. This would cost the Sclaveryens though, as their undefended castle was burnt to the ground and Lord Vaerys Sclaveryen burnt with it.

Rallying the house during the Greyjoy Rebellion, Vaeren Sclaveryen rose to lordship and with the help of his uncle fought the Greyjoys once more, quickly growing embittered with the Ironmen.

Now the Game of Thrones is beginning and Vaeren rules a house regrowing from a sullied recent past. What lays in store for House Sclaveryen in the Game of Thrones?

Their Banner Houses include : House Prolikrav, House Burnwater, House Trestin

Current members: Lord Vaeren, his mother, his sister Lady Viera, his uncle Old Salt, his ward Isaiah Trestin, and Maester Darion.

House Sigil: A Falcon with fetters on it’s talons with a Pointing Hand towards the viewer. The Falcon blue on a black background with a red chevron.

House Words: “Above all others, We Rise”

House Stats
Defense: 25
Influence: 62
Land: 38
Law: 21
Population: 38
Power: 47
Wealth: 78
Their Hall is called Avisport and their ship is named Zar-ptak.
Current Troops: Personal Guard, Archers
Currtent Holdings: Fortified Hall with a port, blacksmith, mine, and maester.
Mountian on a coaster with a river running from it.
Plains with a ruin of old burned Castle and a road.
Plains with a stream.

House Sclaveryen

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